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Jet Central Repair & Maintenance


All Jet Central Turbines come with a LIFETIME Warranty.

The Lifetime Limited Warranty coverage is provided on eligible turbines delivered to customers in all market areas. Jet Central will provide for repair or replacement of covered components of the turbine for life to the original owner in accordance with the following terms, conditions and limitations.

Jet Central Turbine Maintenance Cycle: 25 Hours; $250 Overhaul Fee + $60 Freight please contact us for more information.

Due to being an advanced design it will become evident that your JET CENTRAL turbine needs less maintenance and when properly cared for will provide many hours of enjoyment. Jet Central Turbines feature state of the art bearing systems, precision made combustion chambers, and high efficiency turbine wheels that take heat and load of the main components thus greatly extending service life. If you find yourself needing service just call your representative to make arrangements, see section 20 of this manual for further details or visit the Jet Central web site. We have special processes in place to provide quick turnaround for any service requirement and for all major repairs your JET CENTRAL Turbine is serviced in the ISO 9000 factory where it was originally assembled. This ensures a quick turnaround, quality workmanship, and keeps major repairs to the minimum possible cost. Warranty – in order to maintain the lifetime warranty the turbine must be returned to the factory for inspection and service at 25 hour intervals, the new SE HDT display makes it easy to know when service is due with the time to service clock feature. The cost of this service is a labor fixed fee (ask your dealer for pricing) any parts needed will be at no charge (see warranty terms and conditions in section 15 of this document).

Troubleshooting and Support.

Having trouble starting your new Jet Central Turbine? No problem for all troubleshooting and support please text or call me at (858) 335-5763 or contact Jet Central Support on the Jet Central Website https://www.jetcentral.com.mx/